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Couples with Skateboards

Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s therapy creates a safe place for the two partners to express how they are experiencing their relationship and to discover their relationship dynamics and the ways in which they influence and interact with each other. The couple gets to set mutual goals and explore their expectations from therapy but also from each other. Even if goals appear to be conflicting, they can become an object to approach therapeutically and it can be a useful source of information. The differences between two partners can often be the cause of conflict and disagreement but if these differences are explored we might discover that they hide a wealth of possibilities and resources that can be used to the couple’s benefit. 


Issues that might be approached in couple therapy

  • Conflict resolution/Improving communication skills

  • Boundary setting issues with extended family

  • Affairs and other people affecting the relationship

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Life changes such as birth of children, children becoming adults and leaving home, moving the family abroad, retirement etc.

  • Support during IVF (In vitro fertilization)

  • Counselling and preparation in case of child adoption

  • Support during phases of separation or divorce

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