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Olga Vicha

Clinical Psychologist (BSc (Hons), MSc, GMBPsS)

Psychotherapist (PAP, EAP, EFTA)

I graduated from the school of Psychology of the University of West of England, Bristol (UWE) and I continued my postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bournemouth. I completed my clinical placement in the Mental Health Services of the UK National Health Service (NHS).


Elena Neocleous

Psychologist (BSc (Hons), GMBPsS)

Systemic Psychotherapist

Well-being requires balance in all biological, psychological, physiological and social aspects. My personal interpretation of systemic psychotherapy therefore extends to incorporate the symbiosis of the body and the mind.

Our Vision

The core values of our therapeutic work are professionalism and respect towards all people, ensuring their right to privacy within an atmosphere of safety and of trust. Our vision is to improve continuously through the feedback of our clients but also through continuous professional development and training, remaining in contact with all scientific developments within the field of mental health. 

Our Method

Our approach is systemic at heart but it is informed by elements of various psychotherapy schools in which we have been trained (CBT, ACT, MBSR, SFT, NVR) thus employing an integrative and holistic approach to treatment which enables us to create an individualised therapy approach that best addresses the needs of each client.

We believe that the best therapeutic attitude is always that of cooperation not only between client and therapist but also between all the specialists within the field of health who may need to contribute to the improvement of the individual's well-being. 


Educational and Developmental psychologist

Our Partners

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