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Olga Vicha

Clinical Psychologist (BSc (Hons), MSc, GMBPsS) Psychotherapist (PAP, EAP, EFTA)

I graduated from the school of Psychology of the University of West of England, Bristol (UWE) and I continued my postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bournemouth. I completed my clinical placement in the Mental Health Services of the National Health Service (NHS).


I remained in the UK where I continued to practice at the Pain Management Unit of Poole Hospital and other Mental Health Units (Bournemouth Hospital, Weymouth Hospital) with clinical emphasis on mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.


I returned to Cyprus where I began working in private practice whilst completing a 4-year psychotherapy training course in Systemic Family Therapy and Couple’s Therapy.

Following my training in Systemic Psychotherapy I completed a 2-year course with the Hellenic Observatory for Rights in the Field of Mental Health. The course is aimed at providing support during episodes of psychosis to the individual as well as the family in order to prevent involuntary hospitalisations whenever possible. The model is centered around non-psychiatric forms of interventions and alternative models of dealing with psychological pain. 


My approach is systemic at heart but it is informed by various psychotherapeutic schools in which I have been trained (CBT, ACT, MBSR, NVR, SFT) in order to methodically create a holistic and personalised approach to treatment that suits the needs and uniqueness of each individual, couple, family.


The creation of Acacia Psychotherapy Centre embodies an approach to psychotherapy that follows the European standards of professionalism and good clinical practice. This means, above all else, respect towards our clients knowing that they are the only expert authorities about themselves, continuous education and evidence-based practice as well as collaboration between all the health specialists that might be involved in the improvement of the quality of life of the client in our care.

I am a member of the organizations listed below:


British Psychological Society (BPS)

European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP – European Certificate of Psychotherapy Holder)

European Family Therapy Association (EFTA)

Pancyprian Association for Psychotherapists (PAP)

Pancyprian Association for Psychologists (Pasypsy)

Observatory for the Rights in the field of Mental Health






Phone: 0035799523337


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