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Girl in Therapy

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Children and adolescents often communicate their psychological needs in ways that are symbolic and require our full attention in order to decipher their meaning. Other times they might be quite clear about what they want, need or feel and ask by themselves to receive counselling or support.


Depending on the child’s age and the influences of daily life (school, family, friends) a range of different issues might arise such as: anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, stress relating to school performance, friends, sexuality, role in the family, the arrival of a new sibling, learning difficulties, emotional difficulties etc. The journey from childhood to adulthood is often challenging but it can be a place where we discover and cultivate ourselves, our abilities and our inner resources.


Child therapy always happens in collaboration with the family even if the child is old enough to receive individual psychotherapy. The positive influence and intervention of the family can bring about any therapeutic change much faster and with greater efficacy.

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