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Non-Violent Resistance (Family Conflict Resolution)

“NVR helps parents to become an anchor for their children against the torrents that threaten to sweep their children away.”
- Haim Omer (founder of NVR)

Recent history has been shaped by huge social changes, the impact on families of increasing workloads, economic instability, school pressures, isolation and social media, combined with less positive influences has been a growing concern for parents and children alike.

Conflict within a family is an issue that can leave members feeling desperate and defeated. The NVR program is founded on the principles of peaceful resolution, thus empowering those involved to bring balance back in to their home. Initially the program developed to improve parental/child relations in families with violent children. The outcome sees not only a reduction in aggressive behaviours but also restores parental confidence and improves relationships.

The techniques and interventions used in the program have now been adapted to expand the situations for which it can be useful. NVR sees positive results for numerous sources of conflict within the home including:

· Domestic violence

· School refusal

· Behavioural issues

· Drug and/or alcohol use

· Dangerous driving

· Internet/gaming/smartphone dependency

· Other adolescent risk behaviours

The programme can also benefit families with children who have been diagnosed with anxiety, phobias or ADHD.

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