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Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Coaching

The Solution Focused approach to therapy is goal oriented and direct, many clients notice real and lasting change in less than five sessions. The effectiveness of this technique is accredited mostly to its emphasis on the future and the highlighting of strengths and resources available. It is focused on building solutions that enable progress towards a desirable outcome.

SFBT can be useful for an array of concerns and problems including stress, depression, anxiety, addictions and relationship problems. It can also be beneficial to those dealing with illness, health concerns and pain.

As a coaching tool, SFBT can provide support and motivation for individuals who feel stuck in their personal or professional lives by helping uncover how they might achieve greater fulfilment.

A positive ‘side-effect’ of this approach is that very often clients report the SFBT experience as uplifting and pleasurable. It is our belief that this does not happen because clients have escaped discussing difficult pasts, but because they feel inspired, hopeful and empowered for change and a better future.

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